Friday, May 12, 2006

Wanted! Cute French men..

My friend Laura asked me to publish an important communication here!
She, along with a couple of friends, is planning to set up a (non?)profit organisation in order to recruit some cute french men to move to Latvia.. Anyone interested?!

Not yet?
Ok. According to a preliminary -and pretty thourough- market analysis, it turns out that Latvia has 57% girls (and with the highest "gorgeous to ugly" ratio i have ever encountered!) And the 43% of men include a good portion of rollerbladers and other gay/ugly men! (allright, i'm kidding.. rollerbladers are not necesserely ugly!)
So, to quote the president of the organisation, it leaves "an average of 5 girls to one man"! and "the girls are waiting!"

Did you just read that guys? I repeat: "5 girls to one man, and the girls are waiting!!"
Laura alone could probably drive half of the french male population out of france! But imagine hordes of Laura, Dana, Liva and other names in A! (or don't imagine.. people have gone mad for less than that!)
I'm talking land of honey and milk here, so move it!

Oh i know, now you're wondering why i'm still on the road and why i ever left this paradise!
Well, I guess i should stress the fact that this is intended for cute guys only! No matter how hard i tried, my application got rejected and i was very kindly encouraged to pursue my journey! So i'll just have to go get my honey and milk at the supermarket with the other ugly ones!!

So if you're wondering what's "cute" according to the president, we could mention Mikael as portrayed here during another hard day at work (you win this battle Mikael, but not the war! you bastard!)

..while i'm here, i'll just throw in a couple of views of Tallinn's old town.. it can't hurt, and after all, i shot them for you!


mikael d. said...

Yeaaaahhh... I'm so cool on this picture... But you know, it 'll change my friend. I'm leaving Alcatel, so now, work work work !! And I'm sure you could have won. You just have to shave and play guitare : here

See you my friend.

Eric Antoine said...

Tu es bien modeste cher propre femme te defini comme l'homme le plus recherché par la gente feminine, l'animal rare et en voie de disparition dont chaque femme reve. Ce n'est pas sans un pincement dans le coeur que je t'avoue cela, mais bon, ca peut t'aider.
Tu sais, toi comme moi, enfin surtout toi, on ne peut pas compter sur notre physique. alors si je peux te donner un conseil, vas y, fonces, on ne sait jamais, sur un malentendu ca peut marcher!

soy panday said...

being cute to the point where even lampposts regularly fall in love with me, i don't think it'd be a problem for my application to be accepted. and being the nice guy i am, i'll even agree to marry any cute latvian girl whose name finish with a "a". even several of them possibly.
arjun, can you collect latvian applications forms for me?

Uma said...

I guess Mikael picked the right one! You impressed many Indian girls with that pic of yours..;-) may be for latvian girls you may have to try something new ;-)

matsou said...

as a french girl, i vively protest against this kind of message!! what are we gonna do if all our cute french guys leave the country to go to latvia!? there're already some guys travelling all around the world...i don't want to live in a desert!
poor of me,what a unfair life...

laura (aka the president) said...

Arjun, thanks for the ad. Glad to see that there is some interest in the idea. :-)
But i have to agree with eric antoine – you are way too modest regarding yourself. So you are very welcomed to return any time.

Matsou, there is certainly no need for French girls to worry. Latvia is a tiny country with a total population of just around 2.4 million (~1.36 million girls accordingly). It shouldn’t be a problem for France to spare some 500 000 cuties. I know you have plenty. :-))