Monday, October 16, 2006


So the vacation is over! (and again i'm way late on this blog!)
After a month of chillin with mom and dad, i finally took off.. for the second half of the trip, through the southern hemisphere!

After two more quick family stops, I started off with Khajurao, a 9th century archeological site famous for its temples ornamented with erotic sculptures!
And i have to say the site is fabulous! At least the better preserved western side..

More than the erotic scupltures themselves -unmistakably present!- and even more than the sculptures of deities, the inner and outer walls of these temples are covered with women! Beautiful women reprensented in their everyday moves and activities with infinite charm and sensuality.. (although in these early times women would spend the better part of their everyday moves in contortions to scratch their back or remove the thorns they had planted in their delicate feet!)

If you ask me -who said "we don't!"??- i think this genuinely indian celebration of love and the grace of women should be the symbol of India accross the world, much more than the Taj Mahal, symbol of the Moghol invaders!

OK.. I can't advertise erotic sculptures and not show you any! so here it goes..

They even pushed the concept pretty far!

Vishnu's incarnation as a boar.. symbolizing that man is a sex craving pig! (although that may not be the real meaning!)

Khajurao cuties...


matsou said...

Le pays des belles femmes et du kamasutra ? Une image qui fait rêver mais qui est en train de devenir un mythe bien lointain. Avortement sélectif, Infanticide, maltraitance, malnutrition, mariages arrangés : un pays qui connait actuellement un déficit de filles grandissant, des hommes célibataires par obligation... Génial! C'était bien la peine de bâtir des temples sublimes dédiés à l'amour!

joune said...

faut pas confondre "mariages arranges" et "mariages forces".. pour le reste effectivement.. ca merite d'etre dit et redit..