Friday, January 06, 2006

The biggest "china town" I've ever seen!

You would have guessed it, everything is in chinese! Everything but the brand names that is! It's all the more striking that they're the only words you recognise in latin alphabet..

As soon as you're out of the airport, the number of giant posters advertising for Budweiser beer, Buick cars and Hooters restaurants, give you a fair idea why Mr Bush is so friendly with his good old commies pals!
Then when you reach the new city of Pudong, you really feel at the heart of the "world company"! Every major western brand owns a tower here.. Opium has been replaced with electronics and fashion products but it seems to me that Shanghai has always kept its role of dedicated entrance port for foreign investment in China!


Uma said...

I guess, I should stop complaining about my struggle with French, even though it sounds strange,thank god! the alphabets looks familiar!

George said... China? God Bless America, land of the free boobs and chicken wings. Have le fun Joune