Monday, January 23, 2006

..and so i woke up at 4am on saturday to catch the train to Hangzhou, with a terrible hangover!

Once upon a time, in the peaceful county of Zhejiang, lived Bei Suzhen the beautiful fairy..
And Bei Suzhen the beautiful fairy fell deeply in love with Xu Xian the poor simple dude because he let her borrow his umbrella -chicks were a lot easier to pick up in these early days!
But Fa Hai the evil bastard magician priest disagreed with this love between a beautiful fairy and a poor simple dude and although it was none of his business, wouldn't let them mary and live happily ever after!
So beautiful fairy Bei Suzhen got super mad and started breaking all kinds of shit (you know how girls are when they get mad) and she launched a war campaign against evil bastard magician priest Fa Hai.
Great magical powers were unchained, the earth trembled and as a result of all this mess, the region got flooded. And that is how this war gave birth to the west lake as a symbol of the love between beautiful fairy Bei Suzhen and simple dude Xu Xian...
Now it seems that naughty -yet beautiful- fairy Bei Suzhen had not quite been a good girl all the way as she already had a baby in her womb when she launched the magical attack!
As a result, her magical powers were diminished and Fa Hai the evil bastard magician priest was very powerful so he defeate naughty beautiful fairy Bei Suzhen and to punish her, emprisonned her inside the Leifeng tower, by the newly created lake..
And this would be the first fairy tale i know of where the bad guy wins in the end, if -god knows how, and don't ask me cause nobody seems to remember!- the tower didn't somehow collapse years later, freeing beautiful fairy Bei Suzhen and her grown up son so they could meet again with the old beloved simple dude Xu Xian -who never did anything in the story except for lending his umbrella (and maybe a little nick-nack-pushy-pushy-whack with beautiful fairy Bei Suzhen, but who'd blame him!)- and finally live hapilly ever after... it was about time!

You can go to sleep now children!


Uma said...

hey..its a cute story and also the pictures are beautiful , nice... those days men were bit more kind and gentle to women, unlike these days men, but during tough times they just ran off without courage to fight, and leave girls to struggle...just like the present day men...quite interesting!!!

also..girls were..beautiful, courageous, and always they are!

thankx for this bed time dear grandpa ;-)

sahana said...

nice photos...and congrats on a wonderful trip!!