Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Contact (2)

I finally made some local friends here, aside from workmates, and whom i can hang out with.. thanks to Richard Lui who's a photo reporter here.

Let me introduce you...
Richard, Cheng Lu and Tao Jie Hui, my blog readers,
my blog readers, Richard, Cheng Lu and Tao Jie hui!

They even tried to teach me how to properly use them damn sticks, but i think i'll just stay with my good old funky method (at least i can grab something!)


Uma said...

Hai...Richard, Cheng Lu and Tao Jie Hui !

One very important thing which you should know about your new friend, Joune ( I guess by this time you should be knowing that) Don't try to teach him anything new..he is really..really Slow ....and its..just impossible ...;-)

George said...

If you keep trying to use chopsticks, you'll slim down and be in great skating shape finally! By the way, does it rain much in China? Also, got to the website below and watch the pittskate promo video for some ferocious Pittsburgh shralping. Needless to say, I am not in it.