Friday, February 17, 2006

Visa for Russia : 50USD for invitation + fake trip plan : 75€ for invitation + fake trip plan 70USD for invitation + fake trip plan 29USD for invitation and i'm not sure what else : £75 VISA included ? : 30USD for invitation valid for 30 days stay
... i even had a guy on the phone who was ready to sell me the invitation only for 190€!! (and the VISA for 220€ on top of that!)

There are so many of these agencies out there and the prices are so different it gets really confusing..
Has anyone out there already -successfully or not so successfully- used any of these services? you may even make the list longer if you whish.. but please share valuable experience.. Am i cool with a 30 bucks invitation? if not, why?

Thanks people!


Jérôme Charron said...

Ahhhhh les visas...

Ray said...

Hey Arjun, how is it going? I keep up with your blog from time to time and enjoy seeing the pictures from your various travels. You must be all set for the world trip. You are a real globe trotter. Will look forward to reading about your forthcoming travels.