Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mayday! (or the worship of holy may 68)

Everyone knows about that "strikes" culture we have in france; any time of the year, if there's not someone on strike, you're probably in the wrong country!
But what people may not be aware of is that we're trained for it from school!.. every year students find a good new reason to go out and yell in the streets, occupy universities.. and if there can be some confrontation with the police, then comes the real fun: may 68 reenactment!
'Cause that's what it's all about: no matter what the new topic is, each year, as sunny spring days come, comes the ritual time of going out and fighting with the police to celebrate holy may 68.. americans have their spring break, we have our spring strikes!
Oh i'm not blaming! I did my share as a student! high school, university, i did them all! can't even remember what i was so eagerly fighting for or against (some type new youngsters contract probably, the CPE of the time) but at least i was happy to miss some classes and sit in the sun instead.. and what good is school if doesn't train you for your future work life anyway!

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