Friday, May 19, 2006

Hello Max!

In Saint Petersburg i met with Natalia again.. It was cool cause it's the first city i come to where i already knew someone.. I had met Natalia in Paris as we were playing guitar by the Seine with Max and she came to sing with us.. Natalia is a pretty famous singer here, and just the week before my arrival, her face was on all the city's walls to announce for her concert!
And she told me the whole story of Saint Petersburg.. She's a real encyclopedia when it comes to her city! (I whish i knew half as much about Paris!)
So anyway, Max, Natalia says hi!

And then we went to visit "Peterhof", a Tsar palace made in the style of Versailles.. pretty impressive golden fountains i must say..

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Ami 2 django said...

trop fort cette rencontre.
Natacha est toujours aussi charmante. C'est trop cool d'avoir pensé à elle quand tu étais la bas.
ca a du te rappeller de sacrés souvenirs.
ON suit avec attention ton périple initiatique,
a + Mister habibool