Thursday, July 27, 2006


..where was i?
Sertar.. i didn't decide to stay.. so the next day, the 6 hours bus ride to Ganzi actually took 11 hours.. and here I am in Ganzi!

The Lonely Planet says that "it's impossible to take a bad picture in Ganzi" (makes you wonder why i ended up here!).. Well, after a day and a half and 7 rolls of colour film in a row (very rare), i would say that it's not impossible.. but it does requires some creativity! (although, i don't mean to seem pretentious but i may have gotten some pretty bad shots myself!)

At least, we've got some decent light now.. ever since i left Mongolia the light has been horrible, and i've been shooting almost all black and white.. the light is finally back to normal (normal+ i'd say!) so i'm pretty happy to switch back to color..

some random images taken on the road..
(on the first one for instance, you may, if you have good eyes, see a nice tibetan village on the mountain..)

5am.. waiting for the bus...

and some shots around Ganzi..

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