Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Raft of the Medusa

That's the closest i can think of to compare the 22 hours of "hard seat" train from Beijing to Lanzhou!
In every wagon there were enough people to fill one more! People everywhere.. on the floor, on the sink, in the bathroom, standing, sitting, laying, sleeping, from kids to grand mothers.. no way to move or sleep.. bit hardcore if you ask me!..
Hopped straight from the train to 6 hours by bus.. but i made it to Xiahe!.. and the dorm room gives on the beautiful tibetain monastery.. can't complain!


Uma said...

do u have access to blog in china? or you are just posting it...I guess its the same in India..whats wrong with these people. if you want to access blogspot blog you can do it thru this site it seems..I dont know if it works from china too..


eric said...

tu leur as pas joué quelques airs à la Django cette fois ci?

joune said...

Uma.. thanks, for pkblogs.. i didn't know it and it works great from China!

Eric.. noway.. there was just no room at all!