Sunday, August 13, 2006

Life is a succession of small victories!

Against all hope i finally managed to make it to Sakya, my first leg to the south..

After an easy trip to Gyantse for which it is still possible to buy tickets i came back to Shigatse trying to figure out how to move south..
The officials, like the clerks at the bus station, are final: no individual travelers allowed south of Shigatse!
This morning however, the clerks, eventhough they couldn't sell me a ticket, advised me to try asking directly to the bus driver.. which i did, but the driver didn't like the idea as he could then be denounced by his collegues!
To make a long story short, i finally walked for a while -with my 200kg of films on my back!- on the road to Sakya.. when the bus caught up to me, far from sight of his collegues, he accepted to take me..

So my trip across tibet will essentially be hitchhiking.. others manage; i should too!

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