Friday, September 22, 2006

I didn't kill no one!!

A week of driving my dad's car around the hectic streets of Lucknow, and i haven't killed anyone... so far!

First of all they built this stupid car completely the wrong way round! Steering on the right, gears on the left, blinkers on the right.. what's wrong with these people?? They even drive on the wrong side of the road!.. although that's not true, they actually drive on any side of the road, and even sideways and backwards!

So the first couple of days were pretty tough.. as i was struggling with the damn commands -banging my right hand against the door as i looked for the stick, turning on the windshield wipers everytime i wanted to turn..- bicycles, scooters, cows, goats, kids and dogs would jump right under my wheels, while trucks and elephants would try to crush me down!

By now i am starting to feel more confident and i'm proud to announce that i managed to pass the fourth gear! Although at 40km/h you already feel you've mastered level 19 of a car racing video game..

The rules after all are pretty straight forward:
- if it fits, go!
- if you see a red light, go!
- if in doubt, go!
- in any case, horn louder!


Uma said...

Oops! I should stop reading your blog for make me miss India...Its so much of fun and challenging to drive its so monotonous and boring. I guess Indian roads are designed for spiritual reason, its a training ground to face the life's twists, turns, bumps and unexpected obstacles with equanimity and to reach the final destination..

joune said...

what's up "miss india"?! ;-)

J said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, in a culture shock kind of way.

sophiepp said...

Merci Arjun !
Je me suis bien marrée à lire ton texte et à imaginer tes aventures au volant ! Enjoy India !

matsou said...

Well, now you're ready to come and drive in Nîmes, it's quiet the same rules of driving...except that we usually still drive on the right side of the road.
the Nimois are the worse drivers of France, did you know that? said...

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