Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Red is dead!

Today i witnessed a group of Maoists violently harrassing a rickshaw and beating it up.. after stopping some cars and forcing people out of taxis.. really looked like free acts of violence to me.. hard to figure out the why.. if any.

After travelling accross China and Tibet, of course, I wasn't too inclined to favor the Maoists.. but I talk to people and it all looks like the usual crap.. they're coming to "save the people", and in the process, they confiscate land, racket inhabitants, block the roads, beat up or kill people...

The problem is that the king is so unpopular that they look like the only alternative.. and his successor -already said to be a drug dealer- seems even worse..
On the other hand, communists are always good at sweet talking poor people.. and there's a lot of them around of course.. desperate people always tend to go to desperate solutions.

Maoists tell the press they'll be ready to give up weapons "as soon as the country's problems are solved"!.. who can name one country in the world where "the problems are solved"??
Personnaly, i just can't trust these guys..

"This is a violent civilisation, the civilisation where i am.."
Gil Scott Heron - Gun

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soy panday said...

it's an uncivilised civilisation, this civilisation we live in, arjun.