Friday, October 20, 2006

Amazing Ajanta and Ellora caves!

Travelling south towards Mumbai, i stopped to visit two more of India's most famous sites: the unbelievable cave-temples of Ajanta and Ellora...

2000 years back they dug and carved these humongous caves straight inside the cliffs, thus creating huge monolithic monuments.. it is as hard to explain as it is to comprehend but it's truly mind blowing!

Can you imagine this? 2000 years back!.. armed with nothing but chisels and hammers.. that is with exactly the same kind of equipment Indians are still using today!!

Ajanta caves...

Ellora caves...

I'll finish with these two shots of the "small Taj" of Aurangabad, or Bibi Ki Makbar..

In year something and such, king Aurangzeb decided to move his capital city from up north to a city he called after his name, near mumbai.. and when he meant moving the capital, he really meant moving the whole city!.. so as he couldn't take the Taj with him, he made a copy!... A few years back he changed his mind and moved everything back up north!

(at least that's the story as i got it.. !)

It looks pretty much alike on the photos, but don't get fooled.. there's no comparison to the real thing!

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Sinu Kumar said...

Nice post on ajanta caves, The rich carvings, murals and sculptures of these caves offer real surprise to the visitors. The sculptures and the murals well depict the way of life that existed in that time.

Keep up the good work, i'll be back soon. hope to find some more interesting posts in the future.

warm regars - Sinu

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