Thursday, October 05, 2006

Reincarnation or humanity's most evil plot!

Something like 5000 years ago, Indians have come up with a superbe idea.. magnificient in its simplicity and evil perfection.. pure genius! To such extent that to this day it still drives the Indian minds in spite of any external influence...

This idea is the theory of reincarnation.

How do you secure the leaders place, keep the wealth for a few chosen ones, keep the poor poor and exploit the population.. all this without raising discontent and revolutions? Think about it, it's not easy!
It has been the goal of all leaders of all times, but no one ever succeeded like indians do. Dictators spend loads on military power to keep the population quiet, while democrats compete in hypocrisy and communication skills to make you think you're being taken care off...

In India none of this! Maharajas where no more tender than our european kings.. while today's Indian administration is corrupted to the core and has no regards for the millions of people sleeping in the streets in miserable sanitary conditions.. crippled beggers everywhere are ignored by their fellow citizens... and Indians are happy with the way things are! No one would ever think of a revolution, and when asked where they would whish to be reborn, 89% of Indians accross all layers of the population would do it again.. (against only 36% in China for the comparison)

How do they manage?? So many leaders have been killed for much less!

Hinduism is the magic key..

Hinduism teaches that life is an eternal cycle and you will be reborn after death. And the conditions in which you will reborn depend on your balance of good vs bad actions in your current life. It is a wonderful way of making people responsible and self conscious of their actions. They don't need to refer to a Pope or any other high commander in chief, they just need to make sure that their own individual actions do not harm others, to secure comfort in their next life. The idea makes so much sense i'm about to drop a tear!

Now the real beauty comes in the counterpart of this law of reincarnation: Your current life accounts for your actions in your past
life! If you are poor, crippled, exploited.. it is certainly not the fault of your corrupted leaders: you shouldn't blame anyone but yourself for your past bad actions! And you better keep quiet and docile or your next life will be even worse!
If i see a poor man dying in the street, i know he is paying for his past life and it's only fair! I shall pay the same price if i act bad! So why should i care? You don't spend your days visiting murderers in their cells, do you? And if he's dying it's even better; he's about to be liberated! Good for him!

I don't know what true genius originally came up with this idea, but i would like to pay tribute for the priests and Brahmins who managed to keep it alive for 5000 years and make of India the wonderfully peaceful country it is today!

As the saying goes: "You may survive the bite of a snake, but never that of a Brahmin!"


Jérôme Charron said...

Fais tout de même attention à ce que tu écris car ta prochaine vie risque de ne pas être bien drôle... ;-)

Uma said...

Arjun, if you get a chance read this book, by a Indian Nobel Laureate. “The Argumentative Indian” .

There are many things in India, which need to be changed. There are many things which made me cry for 28 years. But the answers for all my problems and strength to fight against were also given by the same country. You will see only the things which you are searching for and 5000 years old culture can’t be judged superficially.

Things you and me discuss about India are like blind man describing Elephant