Sunday, November 26, 2006

From Kangaroo to Kiwi..

I know everyone stopped reading this blog after my long australian silence! But i just meant to say that i made it to Auckland, in Kiwiland...

Funny town.. everyone looks foreigner!.. so many people from Sri lanka, the Fijis, Japan, South Korea, who knows where.. all settled here.. all locals.. it's not that big a city but it seems extremely cosmopolitan...

And tomorrow i'm meeting some of my best friends, from France.. after 8 months.. i'm excited!

The 378 (or so) meters Auckland landmark.. "the tallest structure on the southern hemisphere!"


Guillaume "MMS" said...

Hello Arjun!
Still reading your blog (well... indeed you may thank my rss reader)

Enjoy this part of Earth and taste the red wine !

Keep posting... you have at least 1 subscriber ;o)

Elo said...

Arreter de lire ton blog ? Pas avant que tu ne sois revenu à moins de 500km de chez nous ! Tu es sous surveillance stricte de notre part, alors, pas de bétise !!!
Bis' d'automne lyonnais,

Uma said...

No..No..I am there reading your blog everyday, I thought I was bullying you a lot just leaving you in peace in my dream destination..