Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wazzup in the land of Oz?

Some alert readers have been complaining lately that there hasn't been much material for alert reading in the past month... and that indeed for a good reason; i haven't written anything!

"So what do you think of Australia?" everybody asks eagerly!
Well.. i'm still not sure!
I still think that -as beautiful as it is- the whole east coast is mostly a gigantic amusement park for drunken german teenagers..
But i also think i haven't seen much and a month is pretty short for a country that big.. Brisbane and Sydney look like really nice cities, and maybe even cities i could imagine living in..
It's much like the US.. although not quite.. more laid back and more exciting in the same time..
Beautiful weather most of the time, great travel opportunities, cool cities... no wonder so many visitors think of settling here!

So anyway.. soon after i left you last time, i embarked on the "Samurai" for a 3 days saling trip around the whitsundays islands.. with Wasa the insane skipper and Stephanie, the cute french cook (and one hell of a sailor!).. none of them being depicted below!.. that was just some sunise shooting..

I thought you may like this shot of a french frog, a couple of minutes before going for some scuba diving..

The highlight of the cruise was definitely the incredible white heaven beach -whose name is pretty descriptive!- the finest sand i ever set foot on.. felt like walking on flour!

Sunset sunbathing.. life's hard!

Next on the program after the whitsundays, was yet another extremely popular package; the 3 days 4x4 self drive on Fraser island.. 11 people in a bouncing jeep for 3 days.. luckily we had a great group and everyone had a great time..

of course, we did get bogged in the sand a couple of times!

And we made some cool native australian friends!..

We also learned how to light a fire by rubbing wooden sticks.. i thought it worked only in the movies!

.. i told you we had a nice group! ;-)

After Fraser i made it down to Brisbane.. for which i don't have too many pictures (one!) but where i had the greatest time in Australia so far! Many thanks to Marta, Zak and Marine.. i love yous'! and the Globetrekker guesthouse.. the friendliest guesthouse i've been to in a long time!

.. on the way down to Sydney.. "Surfers paradise".. i don't know what the name suggests to you, but this is what it looks like!

And finally the Sydney opera house! How long have i dreamt of seeing it in real?... i even had all the photos ready in my mind.. except that it's a lot harder to shoot that i thought it'd be!

Sydney buildings from the royal botanical gardens..

That's it for now folks.. On saturday i'm flying away to New Zealand...

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