Monday, January 01, 2007

Bye bye New Zealand..

I know! I'm late again.. but before i continue with new fascinating adventures i wanted to post some last random shots from New Zealand i have in stock..

for instance, even blurred, i had to show this crazy typical newZealandish plant before leaving..

Lake Tekapo and its amazing turquoise color..

how about that funky car found in Christchurch?

Sunset on lake Taupo.. (sunsets always work!)

Walked the famous Tongariro crossing in the worst imaginable weather and even got lost in the fog.. for a while i thought i'd be stuck there waiting for rescue!.. Cold and damp but still pretty!

..and with a bit of imagination you may even see the blue lagoon lost in the fog!

finally the smoking volcanic activity in Roturoa...

That's it!.. It's about time to change country, change continents, change year... wow! you think you can handle all that at once?!

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