Sunday, January 28, 2007

Girls and steaks!

As you collect information from travellers before arriving here, they are unanymous: Argentina is a wonderful country; you have to go there now!

And as you dig further to know why it's such an amazing place, they still agree on the two main elements: girls and steaks!..

Enormous girls and beautiful steaks!.. or maybe the other way round..

Well, travelling north from the far bottom of the country i couldn't quite grasp where this image was coming from, but now that i arrived in Mendoza it all makes a lot more sense!

20 pesos for an all you can eat delicious barbecue with free wine! This place is evil!!

And surely the girls around are no joke!

So to illustrate all this i thought of showing you this beautiful bench from plaza España!

Or how about this market roof?

And because i know you like that as much as i do, here's some more wall paintings from the streets of Mendoza..

But you got my point.. as for the true heart of the city, you'll have to come and experience it for yourself!

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