Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The earth is round..

...I checked it for myself: after 11 months of travelling east, i finally made it back to my starting point!

Heaps of thanks to the many people i've met and who've helped me in a way or another and became part of this adventure.. special thoughts for

  • Mark Nickels
  • Claus Heuwinkel and Lina
  • Daniel Etter
  • Owain Jones
  • Liva Krieke
  • Laura the queen of the R's
  • Natalia Ermilova
  • Albina
  • Vladimir V'yurkov
  • Gene Kamushin
  • Liliya Filonova
  • Sergey
  • Assunta and Egidio
  • Silvia Gi
  • Terry
  • Ci Ren Djoma
  • Bharat Sherstha and his family
  • All my family in India!
  • Mary Raja
  • Jon West
  • Marta Karwowski
  • Jana Tegtmeier
  • Cedric Zuwala
  • Paula and Pablo
  • Sebastian Gruenewald
  • Katharine Davis
  • and all the people i've met even more briefly at some point on the road...

It's a strange feeling when such a big project is finally behind you... it's like "so now what?!"

But i know there still will be more to come.. and i'll keep you posted!


Walter said...

Hey Joune!
I see that this experience is over.
I'm glad to have met you, and I hope to see you again in any place during my trip to Europe. Actually, this is a kind of dream I have, and I want to fulfill it in some moment.
Good luck y best wishes.

Uma said...

Welcome back! I guess you can start writing a thesis or a book, with all your photos!

SOPHIE said...

Au plaisir de te revoir un jour prochain.

J said...

Owen was the guy we met in Gdansk, wasn't he? He rocked!

Welcome back.