Thursday, February 22, 2007

On to the final destination!

..there were a few more days of carnaval after that but i decided it costs me way too much in films so i decided to move on this time!

The funny thing after traveling for a while is that you hear yourself say things like "oh it's only 14 hours of bus!"... so 14 hours later i arrived in Cordoba, fresh as a... i don't know! how fresh can you be anyways after 14 hours in a bus?!

After a few hours of walking around Cordoba, i decided that Rosario was only a mere 6 hours away... so i went straight on!

I hung around Rosario for a day, but sunday isn't the most lively day of the week in a provincial Argentinian city... and on monday morning i was in line for the last bus ride of this travel.. 4 hours to Buenos Aires; my port of acclimatation before returning to the real world!

And can you believe it? I didn't tell anyone i was arriving to Buenos Aires, but as soon as i got there they were already all parading to celebrate my arrival!

On top of of the scary witch look -some of you may not have recovered from yet- i've been called "Jesus Christo" by everyone over the past month, with an enthousiasm i couldn't bear anymore! So as part of my reintegration process into the real world i decided it was about time to get trhough a quick relooking...

and guess what.. there was a face underneath all the hair!

well.. it's not much better but at least it'll last me another few months!


Elo said...


Albin m'a justement demandé hier si tu étais encore entrain de faire ton tour du monde ... Visiblement, plus pour longtemps ! Contente qu'il n'y ait bientôt plus que 2h de train qui nous sépare ...

Bonne fin de voyage (aterrissage prévu quand ?)


joune said...

Atterissage mardi 27 a 10h50.... le dernier week end!!

matsou said...

je ne sais pas comment je te préfère finalement...en sorcière? en barbu ? en sortant de chez le coiffeur? t'as prévu de passer ton brevet de caméleon en rentrant?
bon retour voyageur! et peut etre, see u in france

Anonymous said...

salut, ben comme a dit Elo, welcome back, tu vas enfin pouvoir avoir un avatar dans second life, comme tout le monde dans la vraie vie, plutôt que dde te promener dans tous ces endroits ridiculement réels...