Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scanning my way around the globe...

I've been pretty silent lately..

on top on catching up with my former life, i've started scanning my 300+ rolls of films.. and it's a lot of work!

the cool thing about shooting film is... "film?".. sorry: "film", some of you may recall is what your grand parents used to take photographs before cameras became convenient!.. in those prehistoric times cameras had no screen to display the photos and they had to be loaded with a roll of silver coated plastic film that reacted to light... never mind.

the cool thing about shooting film, i was saying, is that on top of carrying 20kg of films on your back all the way, you can't see anything you've shot until you get back home and have it processed.. then only you realize everything is blurred!

..where was i going with this?..

my point -somewhere down the line- was that during all this time i could only imagine the images i had taken, and try to remember my favorite ones... and it's an incredible feeling, a year after, to re-discover all the moments i had captured along the way..

most of them i had forgotten and they awaken tons of memories.. but it's funny also how some images have stuck so vividly to my mind to this day...

this guy for instance, that i met at Dr Pong, in Berlin... it was so bizarre to find him there.. and i only had my CL with a 100ASA film in it, in this dark place (smart me!).. i must have taken these 2 shots at 1/4th of a second or less, handheld.. and i was sooo hoping it would work!

say what you will but i never managed to shoot anything decent below 1/30th with a digital camera.

in crazy Berlin, everything is allowed, from derision to provocation.. or anywhere in between?


eric said...

excellent !!!!!

Uma said...

thanks! you went around the world once but taking us on a photography tour twice! waiting to see all and your expo! hope you will finish scaning all before i leave Paris ;-)