Saturday, June 02, 2007

A whole new begining!

Well.. those of you who know me a bit will easily understand how unbelievable a piece of news this is for this kind of bold decision is quite unlike me, but there we go: I'M ENGAGED!!

Wow!... I even managed to write it!

It all started sometime around mid 2005, when Mary decided to come into my life.. through the window!
Of my web browser i mean.
And that's how we became pen pals for a while... until last year i decided to stop by and meet her as i was on my way around the world..
It only took a few days to realize that, well.. we really liked each other!

Weird thing, it is.. you know how, in your early teenage years you start to realize how beautiful women are, and how numerous they are! and how are you ever going to choose only one?!... until you start knowing them better, only to realize, to your great disappointment, that most are essentially a real pain in the neck and then you start wondering how you'll ever manage to choose one at all!!

And one day that One pops into your life and you don't know why.. you keep trying to apply all kinds of logic to it, but there's none.. all you know is that if you let this one go, you'll hate yourself for the rest of your life..

Well... i did let her go!

I went on with my travels and started freaking out about this nonsense relationship and eventually came to the conclusion that i had just been fooled by her soothing smile and i better forget all about it. Damn "commitment"!.. is there a scarier word out there?!

But no matter how hard i'd try, i couldn't forget.

Nor could she for that matter, and with much more courage than i would ever have had, she decided to face the devil and enter my life yet another time; and by the front door of my apartment this time!

Now, you don't get this kind of chance three times in a lifetime, and i had been foolish enough to let her go once; it was about time i kicked myself in the bottom once and for all and did something about it!!

On May 31st 2007, Mary and i decided to share our lives and live together in Paris... hopefully in the near future.. for now she's gone back home, temporarily this time.

We hope you'll share our joy and we shall keep you posted!


Jérôme Charron said...

Comme quoi, l'incroyable, que dis-je l'impensable est tout de même possible!!!!
Bravo Joune pour ce grand pas... et courage Mary... ;-)

Uma said...

wow! congrats Arjun! its a great news! heart def. win over! ;-)

JM said...

Bon alors c'est le WE callanques qui l'a fait?

J said...

Congrats! Where is she from?

Anonymous said...

wow! after a month of mumbai traffic you get to read this.. congrats!!! Mary's really beautiful, and, ooh!-look how happy you both look together :)

Ray said...

Congratulations Arjun!! This is super news!

Anonymous said...

Joune, tu m'as presque fait pleurer (de joie pas de dépit !!!). Il est beau ton post "a whole new beginning" (et oui que veux-tu j'ai un coeur de midinette ! Encore une fois félicitations !! et comme dirait jérôme Charron, Bon courage Mary ;) !!!!


eric said...

completement chabraque !!!

Anonymous said...

Je me joins à tous pour t'adresser toutes mes félicitations et beaucoup de bonheur à venir ! Tu as bien raison de te lancer dans cette nouvelle aventure ! Meilleurs voeux à tous les 2 !
Sophie Pernès-Pinta

Eric Antoine said...

felicitations Arjun (et mary) j'arrive pas a le croire...avec ce texte tu deviens encore un peu plus mon heros...a ce soir certainement.

Eric Antoine said...

beginning prend 2 "n" commence bien!

matsou said...

Wouah, congratulation!! Et plein de bonheur à tous les 2 pour le plus beau des voyages...

Lulu said...

Ton texte m'a mis plein de larmes dans les nyeux. Ca m'a fait penser a toutes ces conversations qu'on a eu sur le sujet. Heureuse de voir que tu as fait le pas..bizz