Monday, April 14, 2008

Back to the land of the Free!

Ha ha!.. just kidding; i'm only in the US!

American customs officers have a well earned reputation of being extremely unfriendly, so when the lady officer at the counter first smiled to me i was pleasantly surprised..
That was until i reached the last check point where you usualy hand over the paper saying that you have no goods to declare and are free to go..
But there, for no apparent reason, i was taken away to the back room specialy reserved for "suspect individuals" (needless to mention everyone there had "suspect skin"!)
I was then kept, questioned and searched for over a half hour, while my colleague was desperately waiting outside with no news from me and no way to reach me..

They wouldn't tell me why of course -"random search sir"- but as judged by their obvious looks and questions, i simply had way too many stamps and VISAs on my passeport to be an honest geek on his way to a conference!
and that on top of having an evil Indian name! "You said you were born in France? .. are you sure? ... where did you say you were born?..."

I have long ago stopped coming here for pleasure, but somehow my job keeps dragging me back here every now and again.. can't help it!

Oh well.. on the good side, it's good to see how well the citizens of this country are protected from terrorists: they may sleep tight and fear no attack...

... at least none that would come from outside the country...

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Uma said...

welcome to the 'Indians in the immigration check club'! i have such adventrous stories in almost all the country i visited! it ranged from 30 min to 3 hours! one of my colleague was even stripped in one such events! But the only country treated me well so far was france ..may be here they start this screwing up procedure after you enter the country and not in the entrance ..nice hosts !