Monday, November 03, 2008

Outside Ganzi

I woke up early that morning, to benefit the beautiful morning light, and started walking, past the bridge, in the fields outside Ganzi.

After a few hours of walking i started to realize that i hadn't had any breakfast and i was now starving and quite far away from the village. (who said "stupid tourist"?)

Yet moutains are like this; you can't go back until you go see what's behind that next hill!
So i did.. "last one" i thought, "and then i return".

Behind the next hill was a smaller village, where i met this woman working in a field.. closeby, her baby kid came running.
Her older son was very excited to meet a foreigner and he insisted to show me his house. I couldn't dream of a better treatment. He offered me my first tibetan breakfast, "tsampi" (or something like that, if i remember): wheat flour mixed with tea and yack butter. He also added some delicious yack whipped cream that his mother had recently made.
I tasted again later in a different condition and it's quite bitter, but that day, it was truly delicious!.. and nutritious too. I didn't have to return anymore and it kept me walking for the rest of the day!

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