Friday, April 24, 2009

Tibetan courtyards


Milia said...

Nice blog! I'm a bit lost but it feels good. 330 days? Are you gonna make it?

joune said...

Thanks :)
No wonder you're lost.. i'm still posting photos from a trip that ended 2 years ago!
I shot heaps of film pictures (as opposed to digital) so i'm still going through these and sharing them..
It may seem old fashioned and anachronical for a blog but well..
330 days: i've made it.
Will i make through all my photos? Can't tell.. keep checking :)

Thanks for stopping by anyway!

Anonymous said...

Can't remember my goggle id stuff.Your photos are great.Keep posting.Film has some advantages.Instant results is not one of them.My siblings resort to those one time cameras eventhough they have digital ones..just in case.Keep posting.