Friday, May 15, 2009

Tibet Power

As ironical as it may seem, it is the name of the Chinese company supplying electricity in Lhasa.

As i was strolling the streets of Lhasa, i found the broken closed fist of a mannequin. I decided to keep it as a support for photographs and it soon became the symbol of my imaginary rebellion against the Chinese occupant.

I know; this struggle is not mine and i'm 50 years late anyway.. yet to this day it is still painful to see the disregard the Chinese have for Tibetans, and if, indeed, they make the country progress by building roads and modern railways, they do so for their own account, using Tibetans as labor force and sucking out Tibet's natural resources.

More than a sign of revolt, I meant this hand to be a sign of unity. The unity of the new generation of Tibetans, growing up under Chinese influence, fascinated by the consumer goods their parents never had, with what's left of their culture, and of their country.

It is important to mention that all the people holding the hand did so without knowing what my intention was: they were only the "victims" of my imagination. This series only reflects my own view and opinion; not theirs. Yet in doubt i preferred to blur out the faces for you cannot trust authorities with logic and judgment.

I'm interested in having feedback on this, so if anyone is watching (and even reading!) please do comment (as always constructive negative feedback is more than welcome).

"The golden fish symbolizes the auspiciousness of all living beings in a state of fearlessness, without danger of drowning in the ocean of sufferings, and migrating from place to place freely and spontaneously, just as fish swim freely without fear through water."

Mount Everest
A chinese army patrol


flatcat said...

The pictures are quite stunning.It is a shame what they have done to the people,but the rape of the land is devastating.All the major rivers start in Tibet,and the Chinese are polluting them all.

Manu said...

Interesting travel of this hand in many situations. Keep on moving !