Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hitchhiking Tibet

August 14th 2006.

No public transport is allowed to take foreigners and I refuse to take a chinese "tourist tour". I decide to start hitchhiking my way from Sakya accross Tibet.. We'll see how it goes.
I try to figure out distances; mount Kailash seems to be somewhere between 2 days and a week from here, none can tell. It depends on the roads.

There are no roads.

This "engine with a trailer" is probably the funkiest of my rides! Before this, the same morning I've already ridden the back of a bullock cart and a small truck.

Nearing the police barrier, I'm asked to get off or they'll be in trouble. As for me, i just walk past the police both with my bag and guitar without anyone asking any question!

Soon after my ride must keep going on the main road, while i'm heading off track, hopefully towards mount Kailash. So there i stand, alone and in the middle of nowhere while it starts to rain. Already i start to doubt my decision!

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Ray said...

Fantastic work, Arjun! Great to see the timeline of your travels along with the superb pictures. I'm going to try to follow your blog a little more regularly. Creative pursuits are always wonderful -- I'll try to find the money to buy one of your prints in the future. All the very best!