Thursday, July 16, 2009

22 Tao Pa

"22 Tao Pa" is the name I understood for this tiny place, lost in the great Tibetan plateau (my understanding of chinese being pretty much limited to numbers)

The truck drivers left me at a guesthouse for the night. With everything i tend to said about China, i must acknowledge that my drivers were extremely nice to me. They even shared the food they had packed for the road with the silly tourist who had left for a trip across Tibet without any supply!

After a good night's sleep i felt much better. The sun was now high and bright and i woke up to discover the place in daylight. The guesthouse was held by an adorable family. After i played some songs, the dad tried playing my guitar. And the little girl, amused by my way of taking pictures of everything started to shoot me with a toy camera!

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