Friday, March 31, 2006

Good bye workmates..

..Today is my last day at work (and for once i don't even have a camera with me!)
This post is for my workmates who handled my stupid jokes so patiently for years..
Thanks a lot for your support, teachings and friendship (and your gift!!)
I'll keep you posted..
Cheers mates!


Jérôme Charron said...

For sure, man, we'll miss you!
Have a nice trip...

Anonymous said...

Have a very nice journey all around this small world and please: give us some news as much as you can.

I swear to follow this blog for the 11 coming months.

See you next year.


Anonymous said...

Eine kleine Übersicht, was du für dein erste Ziel entwickeln wirst : mit der Sprache...
Ich bewundere, was du machst, weil ich vielleicht keinen Mut hätte.
Deine Fotos, deine Gitarre und so weiter versäumen mich, seit... Ich habe besonders keinen Fotolehrer mehr.
Jedenfalls, gute Reise!!!!!!!

joune said...

er.. yeah, well.. language wise i'm not too sure what i'll do, but i'll manage somehow!.. and german is by no means the hardest one.. at least i get a couple of words here and there and i can guess what we're talking about!
jedenfalls, thanks! ;-)