Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ulaan Baatar exists.. i found it!

Greatings from Ulaan Baatar everyone.. Just a quick one to let you know you'll be without news for a little while again.. We managed to form a group of 5 to fill in a van and go on a 20 days excursion throughout mongolia.. one italian girl, 2 french girls, 1 corean guy and me.. driving south to the Gobi desert for the first week and then back up/west to the white lake and way north to Hovsgol lake...
So no need to be worried.. we'll be in a nice old russian van which should just break down in the first whole! We're in good hands!

I'll let you know when we get back...


sophiepp said...

3 filles pour 2 gars ! Lucky you.
Bon voyage en Mongolie.
Amicale pensée.

Eric said...

OOOhh la vie qu'eeellle est belle !!!!

Bon voyage man !!