Friday, June 09, 2006

The Baikal..

Well.. that's gonna be a hard post to write, because i'm just speechless!


After arriving to Irkutsk on the 3rd, i just spent one night in the city and jumped the next morning in the first bus to Khuzhir, on the island of Okhlon, 6 hours north of Irkutsk on the lake... and i just landed in paradise!

I'm not sure how to describe the clear blue waters of the lake, the white sand beaches, the pine tree forests with pink flowers covered grounds, the red cliffs, the immense prairies, the mountains skyline, the sunrises and the sunsets changing the color of the lake.... all i can say is if you get a chance, that's one place that is worth seeing! And after visiting all these cities the fresh air was very welcome! I'm glad i still have a month of emptiness before reaching giant Beijing!

I'm taking a train tonight to Ulaan Baatar (or however you want to spell it!).. I'll get there on the 11th.. Thierry (Joseph) if you're reading this, your postcard will come soon! ;-)

.. and while i'm here writing to everyone; after almost 2 weeks cut from the world i'm over 50 emails late so it'll take some time to catch up! please apologise.. and i doubt it's gonna get much better with Mongolia.. so thanks a lot everyone for your patience and support! :-)

The Baikal crew!

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