Thursday, August 31, 2006

China's Tibet rail line likely to touch Nepal

"The railway line is one step of china's foreign trade policy of 'go-global'"
I read in the Himalayan of Aug 29..

That.. and the water from the Tibetan lakes they're bringing down to the "motherland", the exploitation of precious minerals like Lithium or Gold... not to mention the strategic missile "view point" over India from up there.. and the extra living space...

And the chinese still honestly believe they're doing all this to help tibetans??

Rather like one chinese asshole at least honestly said to my face: "Just wait another ten years and Tibet will be a chinese province like any other; you won't see the difference! Who cares about the tibetans anyway??"

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Sophiepp said...

Je rentre de vacances et reprends la route avec toi. T'en as pas marre de ces galères de voyage ?... Si on a eu de la pluie en France pendant le mois d'aout, finalement, je crois quand même qu'on était plus au sec que toi ;-). L'aventure a du bon mais en te lisant on apprécie un bon repas, un bon lit et une bonne douche chauce !... Bonne route.