Monday, August 28, 2006

Which is Witch?!

In Zhangmu, i shopped around for a while before changing my remaining Yuans, comparing exchange rates to not get robbed to badly for once!
In the process i had to foil the many tricks they use; like the ones who give you a good rate but don't give you all the money, or the ones who have modified calculators that don't really multiply like they should!! ..So in the end i was pretty happy with 9.6 rate and my Nepalese rupees ni my hand!

Well, as i was paying for my photos in Kathmandu, i got caught handing a fake note of a 1000 rupees! A pretty cheap fake actually (no pun intended!), but in the middle of the stack, it just went unnoticed.. i should be glad there was only one!

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