Friday, October 27, 2006

And off he went..

With a last 5 restful and lovely days in Mumbai, i ended my trip in Asia..

As emotionally attached i am to India, i don't know if i could ever live there.. Every trip to India leaves me with an aftertaste of discouragement that nothing will ever change there.. simply because people don't care!
Obviously i don't mean to change the culture, or live more "western style".. certainly not.. but just make it work.. so that kids wouldn't have to sleep on the ground of filthy streets waiting to get malaria..
But as i already mentionned, these issues are so culture related , that the people are just not willing to make it change..

India is a 5000 years old lady, lost in times, who vainly tries to hide her wrikles underneath expensive imported cosmetics... and she can be as wise as she can be dead stubborn!

Amazing things started to happen as i landed in Sydney yesterday.. phenomenons unheard of for months now... the toilet would flush in public restrooms and i wouldn't be scared to touch the seat.. and they'd be soap at the sink!!... even cops wouldn't be halfway as stubborn and accept to handcheck my film.. with a smile!

I know the excuse by heart.. but a dirty environment isn't the result of poverty or overpopulation.. it's the result of mentalities for which the act of cleaning is considered dirty or impure.. but enough of this it gets on my nerves!

In bombay you can... south indian food on banana leaves..
..salute monkeys in the bolivary national park..
..stay in beautiful colonial houses in the forest of telephones and... all kinds of things!!

So now i'm back into true civilisation!.. where overweight consumers buy overpriced products!
("damnit this guy is just never happy", i hear you think!)

I landed in Cairns last night.. some people learn from their mistakes and some don't, so i arrived again without a reservation and the first night cost me twice what i expected (which expected price was already 10 times higher than the asian prices i got used to!).. ouch!

Land travel gradually transports you from one culture to anther and gives you some time to think and to adapt.. But flying straight from India to this Coca Cola beach! I feel like i landed in the middle of a commercial for an MTV sponsored summer camp! A land of surfers and blond bimboes where everyone above 25 must have been euthanized!
I must say i feel a bit out of place!.. but i'll find my way!


J said...

I always book my first and last nights so that that doesn't happen.

Anonymous said...

it could be worse, actually in paris it's 15 degrees and we start for a long fucking couple of durty months.
Just for fun, one main subject of french elections is to stop or not 35h. really enjoy your trip and stay as long as you could ...