Saturday, February 10, 2007

I can't Boliv'ya!!

The more i travel north towards Bolivia and the more fascinating it gets.. the landscapes, the villages, the people.. everything.. and now, as awkward as it seems after almost a year of travelling, i find myself counting the days for what i can still squeeze in before my return... but there's just no way; as much as i'd love to, I can't Bolivia!

Although, entering the last and northmost province of Jujuy, i got a pretty good preview.. the contrast seems pretty sharp with the rest of the country: the architecture, the faces.. just 3 hours north of Salta and everything is different -not the street names of course!- i feel like i've crossed the border already.. and this province is obviously much poorer than the others..

Another unexpected contrast of this country is that the more you travel north towards the "desert" and the more it rains!!.. the past 10 days, since we reached Tucuman, have been drowned in frequent and heavy rains.. deserts are never quite what you expect them to be!


Hw said...

Après la Bolivie tu nous emmènes ou ?

Hw said...

Hw c'est Hawa
un pti Coucou