Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pumamarca y los salinas grandes

A quick fix before i get started.. obviously my last entry was misunderstood: I am not in Bolivia! Actually i won't have time to make it to Bolivia (hence the hilarious "i can't bolivia" pun.. ha ha ha.. hum) so from here i go back down towards Buenos Aires (with a couple of stops on the way)..

So were was i?

After another shower in Tilcara..
and a beer to let it pass..
and a quick stop in over-praised Humauaca..

admiring the view on the giant quebrada..

we finally found THE dream spot!.. the tiny village of Pumamarca has the best view on the quebrada de Humauaca that we've found so far.. if Cafayate was bright red, this is just a mountain carnaval!! Red, green, yellow, turquoise, violet, blue, orange.. you name it, this place is out of control!

just to give you an idea...

These mountains alone would make this place the most beautiful in northern Argentina.. but on top of that, close to here are the Salinas grandes.. a fantastic salt desert similar to Chile's Atacama desert (i sure can tell you about it, i've never been there!), but this place, if not as famous, was beyond my expectations!

we even had a beautifu sunset with a storm coming on us for a more dramatic sky effect!
burning shadows in the setting sun..

and a little fire juggling for the folklore!

and of course no proper excursion would be complete without the traditional group photo!


Uma said...

thats a funny pic...u with cameras. its already an year since we met and heard your music... come back soon! forget Bolivia!

Walter said...

jajajaja... I like your sense of humor.
Hope to see you here in Bs.As.

joune said...

by the way, it's not me taking the group photo.. i just thought this "camera tree" looked funny!

Uma said...

ok..I got it! can you just pluck few cameras (may be just 2) from this camera tree...i like the black one in the center.