Monday, May 22, 2006

It's only fair..

With everything i said about Russians earlier, i owe them a nice post!
Indeed, with few exceptions, most russians i met or just stopped in the streets to ask for directions have been very nice and helpful.. eventhough we're talking about major cities like St Petersburg or Moscow.. I wouldn't expect half as much attention from parisians!

This being said for "real people" (to quote Tarentino), i'm still scared of cops and pretty much anything wearing a uniform! I haven't had any problem yet, but you hear so many stories of people being robbed by the police; they seem to be the biggest criminals in this country! "Stay away", "hide your money" and "don't hand them anything" are the basic rules to respect..
The cool thing about thiefs in uniform is that you can spot them from far away.. the bad thing is they have the law with them to come and harrass you!

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soy panday said...

if you bump into officers prknov, oulinievitchk et prmkskaya, tell them i said what's up.

regardless, i wish i was back in MocKba.