Friday, May 26, 2006

Many many thanks..

Many many thanks to all of you for your concern and friendship and... everything :-)
I've received many emails and comments and it really helps not feeling alone! (talking of this, you should sign your name or something in the comments.. it's weird to get anonymous comments of people who sound like they know me!.. and it's cool to know who's following me!)

Many many thanks to Lydia and her son Serge, from whom i was renting a room when it happened.. They've been very helpful.. Serge came with me to the police to serve as an interpret help me do the declaration while i was completely stoned! And he called after that many times to try and get me a copy of it..

Many many thanks to Albina who helped me out in Moscow and introduced me to Anton..

Many many thanks to Anton and his dad Vladimir who so generously host me now and push the limits of the legendary russian hospitality!..

What happened certainly sucks, but it also brings out the nicer side of so many people... thanks to all of you i simply don't feel abandonned, and that's the greatest feeling!

After 3 days of pretty much non stop sleeping the effects of the drugs have finally disapeared and i feel much better..

With the time i "lost" here, i won't have the time to visit as much of russia as i would have liked to.. so i asked for my Mongolian VISA, and, provided that i manage to get a copy of my decaration in time from the police, the plan is to head straight to Irkustk (4 days by train) to see the Baikal before my russian VISA expires..
So at best i'll leave Moscow on tuesday.. i'll keep you posted!


david said...

I´m from Spain. I´m so sorry about your "incident" but i´m glad that you´re O.K.
I´ve enjoyed reading your blog and i hope that i will do it again.
Have a nice trip and please Keep on Posting!
bests regrads

Fla & Eric said...

Aiiiie !!!
La bonne grosse galère qui fait bien mal aux cotes
...La grande aventure commence :
1 : là ou on l'attend le moins
2 : et à poil..
fais gaffe à toi joune !
& Go ahead !
Erci & Fla

Anonymous said...

Hey Arjun,
Happy to note that you have found friends to help you get out of this horrible incident. Don't spoil the your rest of the journey thinking of what happened. I know its easy to advise.
Patricia joins me to wish you tons and tons of good luck,adventure and safe journey.
Take care,
Prem & Patrricia

eric said...

Hey Arjun !!
& what about your guitar???
gone too...?

SophiePP said...

Je viens de lire tes derniers messages. J'espère que tu vas bien et que ton moral n'est pas trop atteint. On a beau être prévenu c'est toujours douloureux (physiquement et moralement) quand ça vous arrive. Je pense bien à toi.
Bon courage,
Sophie PP

Bartez said...

What a miss !!!

I realise that`s a little tragedy especially when you are on the trip but pls don`t angry ... must say this adventure is more exciting now.

I cross my fingers for your travel.