Monday, May 22, 2006


So.. in case you had not noticed, i've actually been in Moscow for nearly the past week!
I'm so late i'll just post some random tourist views of Moscow just to say i was here allright?

A bit like with Warsaw, i'm pleasantly surprised by Moscow.. there's more to it than just big square concrete buildings; the center is actually pretty! It shouldn't come as a surprise i know, but hey, i have my cliches!
Yet everything just looks huge! The avenues are all about a kilometer wide so crossing without an underpass can be pretty adventurous (all the more since they drive like maniacs!)

How not to start with this one??

the red square in the rain..

the world..

a fancy supermarket..

and a couple of "golden hour" pics again.. i'm just always amazed how any random ugly place can look cool just with proper lighting.. can't get tired of it!

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soy panday said...

arjun. a must see in Mockba, the tretyakov gallery, and all the alexander ivanov paintings that it contains. notably the gigantic appearance of the christ to the people.
you cannot not go see it.

on top of that, there are no cops inside to steal you from your money. amazing.