Friday, June 09, 2006


After a month in this country i guess it's time to share with you the analysis of my experience:
"Russians: the ones who don't rob you are incredibly nice!"

Is it only bad luck if I got robbed again in the train?!!
Don't worry nothing serious this time.. just a drunken military shithead (which is probably as close as you can get to a pleonasm) stole my (second) wallet with about 500 roubles, from my pocket while i was sleeping.. everyone knows who did it as the guitar pick i kept stored in the wallet was found just at his bed, but of course he denied..

Having said that, i must also say that the whole wagon pretty much felt responsible for it and everyone insisted to give me money and food and friendship and what have you! These people are incredible! With all my efforts to refuse i still ended up with 150 roubles just gifted to me!

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Uma said...

You..lucky..careless…pampered…spoiled donkey..broth…!!! ;-) I get very less chance to critize you like this..let me make use of it fully ;-)