Friday, June 09, 2006

You know what?

You are just one lucky bunch!!

Before letting me go on my transsiberian ride, Albina gifted me a new small digicam!! No joke, she really did! Just so that you, dear blog readers can still have images to look at! (at least until i drop it or get robbed again!)

I'm quite a lucky bunch myself as my little Albina/Vladimir/Anton russian family has taken such good care of me during these last days in Moscow.. They even helped me prepare the food for the train and cooked and wrapped some chicken and potatoes and vegetables and fruits... They're awesome!

So now thanks to Albina's camera, i was able to take some shots of the siberian landscape and share with you some of the things i've seen and learned...
except that.. hum... i'm just missing a cable to transfer the images! so you'll still have to imagine a little bit!

Birioza : the most typical tree on the way
[photo of a Birioza!]

Derieva : tree - Liess : forest
[photo of a forest!]

Plain/Field : Pole
[photo of a plain!]

Dom : house
[photo of a house!]

Dierievna : village
[you guess..]

Oziero : lake
[and so on.. you got the idea]

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albina said...

ooo got
u r okay

thank you god =)))))))