Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bay of islands

As the sun was back i went for a short cruise around the bay of islands..
here are just a few pics to put some colors in your december days!

The whole point of the cruise was actually to go swim with dolphins! How cool is that?!
We saw loads of dolphins swimming around the boat, fooling around and jumping at crazy hights.. awesome show!
And then came the moment to jump in the water ourselves.. in the 15 degrees water i mean! brrrrr!!
but i went! (when it's already paid for, i go!!)
now the stupid dolphins had all gone further away! so after 20 minutes of struggling with my fins, cutting my toes off and swallowing salty water, i gave up and went back to the boat..
Jumping in the water was pretty hard, and at that temperature it really cuts your breath.. but back in the boat was even worse! It took me over an hour to stop shivering like crazy!

I hate dolphins!

..they're cool though!

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