Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cape Reinga

.. it seems a while ago now.. i'm so late again..
So after a few days in Auckland and a evening with Sara and Regis (who managed to arrive a day late, true to their reputation), i went to spend a few days up north to check out Cape Reinga at the north most tip of New Zealand..
With my luck it happened just on the first day of rain i've had since.. nepal i guess!
(i'm not complaining.. just saying!)

cape Reinga
the light house
the rain!
it didn't stop us from going sand boarding though!.. it cost me two big toes but it's mad fun!
the region is home of the giant Kauri trees forests.. here an amazing staircase carved inside a Kauri tree trunk..
..they even had a 36,000USD guitar made of precious Kauri wood!

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