Thursday, December 14, 2006

Milford sound

After the walk my nice rich friends got a rental car and we went towards the most famous spot in New Zealand: Milford sound.

First of all, it's not even a sound!
A sound, as i recently learned myself, is the arm of a river or a lake digging it's way in the mountain (or something like that, i'm not sure i got it right anyways!)
But this one is actually a fjord (sea entering the land).
But "Milford fjord" is much harder to say for foreigners like me so the marketing people probably decided "sound" was cooler!

Anyway.. I can't deny it's a beautiful spot.. but like all the overmarketed spots around the globe, it's overpriced and ends up being desapointing.. you just expect the moon!

amazing natural fields of "lupins" (in english?) on the road to the fake and silent sound

Tataaaa: Milford sound.
yep. that's it.

nice waterfalls though!
Sara.. like a candle in the wind..

cool fishes at the underwater observatory..
and "black coral" which is actually white.. whatever..

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