Monday, July 03, 2006

Hell o'clock!

"It's beer o'clock!" she'd say
everyone: ha ha.. funny..
- Oulala.. now it's pee o'clock now!
- ...
- Ok guys it's dinner o'clock!
- ... hum.. yeah, we got it now.. :-)
- Terry, is it vodka o'clock already??!
- actually it's just about "Give us a break o'clock" if you'd just be so kind!!

This is the typical kind of expression that makes you smile the first time, but that poison your everyday life with an annoying routine tuned with swiss clock precision! Inappropriately used, i'm sure it could turn a tibetan monk into a mass murderer! So after 15 days of solid o'clocking we were about ready to die o'clock!

Anyway it's over o'clock now.... AAAAAaaaaaahhhhhh!!! stop it now!!

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