Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ulaan Baatar

Ulaan Baatar is a city you discover twice.

The first time you get here, it looks like a pretty big dusty village.. but returning from a trip throughout the country, you really get the true dimension of this great capital city!
Everything is relative as they say!

The atmosphere has changed quite a lot as well in 20 days.. when we left it was a bit cold and grey and rainy.. but now it gets pretty hot and all the young mongolian girls hang out half naked in tiny shorts and t-shirts!..
In my complete ignorance of this country, i guess the last thing i was expecting from this place were highly fashionable half naked chicks hanging out in the streets and going to disco clubs at night!

...i know.. cliches again.. but hey, that's what i'm traveling for, right?

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