Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ulaan Baatar clubbing

Believe it or not but last night i was having a beer on the white leather sofa of a super trendy lounge in UB (yeah.. we -locals- just call it UB here!)

And then as we walked out i see these super cool kids with... a skateboard! My legs were just cotton and i was in slippers and the road was the roughest pavement, but i just had to skate UB!!
So i did! scratching my bare feet on the brand new grip tape, but it felt awesome!

Accross the street from the bar was the Silence; UB's hypest night club.. so off we are to experience some of UB's night life.. mmh.. on a tuesday night, but you don't always choose!
From what we experienced, at least on tuesday nights, the Silence should actually be renamed the Gobi! The place was pretty much desert! Not to mention that the sound of Silence (i had to use that one!) really sucked!
But hey you don't get to go clubbing in UB every other day, right? So, you know me, i just had to go burn the dance floor!
Well let's be honest.. i only ignited it!.. Gave them my -now worldwide famous- engineer's dance.. but then Terry really burned the place down!
Beside being a very funny dude, coming straight out of a korean TV show to discover the world, Terry is a DJ in Seoul and a very good dancer (something like the korean son of Mikael Jackson!)

... and some of you thought i wouldn't find an internet connection in Mongolia??!

Now just wait till Terry sends me last night's pictures!

Anyway.. after this great experience it's time to hit the road again.. I'm taking a train this afternoon to Sainchand, east of the country to get closer to the chinese border and enter China sometime this week end.. i probably won't have an internet connection again for a while, so everybody keep cool.. i'll keep you posted when i can!

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