Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mongolian food..

The questions are starting to come.. i forgot to mention food!

Well.. first, you wouldn't go to Mongolia for the culinary experience! Basically it's just a lot of mutton! and some yak butter and some greasy milky salted tea...

The 3 main dishes we found were the "Thoon" (or whatever you want to call it) which is some kind of home made pasta, with bits of (overcooked) goat or mutton meat and some potatoes and carrots.. the "Khurshir", a mutton stuffed fried bread (a bit like stuffed indian "puris" for those who know that).. that was my favorite.. and "Buzz" wich are mutton filled dumplings..

The "Airag" is fermented milk that turns to some kind of "milk beer"!

Some bread and yak butter or cheese for breakfast and you're ready to hit the road again!

(oh and watch for these crispy bits of yak cheese skin.. they're bitter as hell!!)

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Sophiepp said...

Quel plaisir de te lire et de te suivre dans tes aventures ! Merci. Tu as toujours ce sens de l'humour qui t'est propre et c'est un vrai bonheur.
Le régime alimentaire ne me semble pas des plus appétissants... que va-t-il rester de toi ?
Prends bien soin de toi.
A bientôt.